RAID – Dungeons

Dungeons and their role in the game Dungeons are where you complete quests and missions, so sooner or later you will have to focus on completing them if you want to get valuable heroes such as the Arbiter or Rammantu. In the dungeons, you can fight Potions of Ascension Guardians for Potions, the Minotaur for… Continue reading RAID – Dungeons

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Removing Roblox Account

Before You Delete Your Roblox Account Before I go into the specifics of how to delete an account in Roblox, you need to know what the consequences of deleting an account are. A seemingly simple and obvious action can cause you a lot of trouble, as well as lead to despair of the account user.… Continue reading Removing Roblox Account

AFK Arena Gift Codes

Entering Gift Codes in AFK Arena Gift codes in the AFK Arena allow us to get items, diamonds, fragments of heroes and the heroes themselves. Unlike codes entered in the traditional way, in AFK Arena we have an external system for handling gift codes. Please be prepared to enter your gift code. Below I described… Continue reading AFK Arena Gift Codes