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Demon Lord – Basic information

As you have probably already figured out, you can get very good rewards from the clan boss, including shards that allow you to summon new heroes. The Lord of Demons will also be your library, as the rewards include tomes of rarity appropriate to the level of the master. As the fight goes past round 10, the Demon Lord becomes more and more difficult. A properly completed team is required, which is the key to looting the loot that will remain after the skirmish. Of course, the stronger and more durable the pack of champions, the better, but there are a few aspects that are worth paying attention to.

Damage Percentage When Fighting Demon Lord

This monster has a huge amount of hit points (hp). What will work better than percentage damage? Of course, I mean small and large poison, respectively 2.5% and 5% damage capped depending boss difficulty, hp burn where the amount of damage depends on the rarity of the hero and bombs that can also hurt the boss. Of course, the creators have imposed some restrictions and the amount of damage will not exceed the limit, which in turn depends on the boss’s difficulty level, because they also differ in the amount of health points. So, the harder the boss is, the more damage he will take. Unfortunately, the higher the boss’s level, the harder it will be to throw poison, bomb and burn hp on him because he has a higher debuff resistance (res). In the internets you will surely find the required level of accuracy (acc) depending on the boss to break his resistance (res). The higher the accuracy, the better, but as usual, something comes at the cost of something. The budget champion that has poison at the start is our favorite Kael, and Frozen Banshee will help him, which has the ability to increase sensitivity to poison, which translates into the amount of damage dealt. Her additional advantage is the ability to increase the allies’ turn indicator for each debuff on the demon. The two Frozen Banshees can greatly increase the damage dealt, but they are so weak that they should be accompanied by a champion with a block damage or unkillable ability.

Damage Based on Boss’s Life Points

There are champions whose damage depends on the amount of health points of the opponent. The most popular and coveted rare champion is the dark elf Coldheart, who, in addition to being useful against the clan boss, is also great against the fire knight. Steel Bowyer also has a similar ability and additionally heals, which prolongs her agony in the battle with the Demon Lord. These two rare champions combine their attack with their opponent’s hitpoint damage and can lightly deal 100,000 damage with one shot to a brute boss. Unfortunately, their skills have quite a long reactivation time. Steel Bowyer 5 turns, Coldheart 4 turns, so something that will shorten the skill refresh time (hero skill, equipment, mastery, or two Frozen Banshees) will definitely come in handy. The real question mark is the unparalleled Armiger, who is a champion of defense and his damage depends on his defense factor (def) and the boss’s hitpoints. This skill refreshes every 2 turns, so with the right setting, you can lead to frequent attacks with this skill. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to fully build it, it’s always 5 stars, it’s food for other champions.


Extremely desirable champions against the Demon Lord are those who can cast block damage or unkillable on the entire party. If you have 2 such champions, you can easily reach a maximum of 50 combat turns. After this time, the boss bypasses these two abilities, so his hit will be lethal. To reach the level of 50 turns, you can fight manually or skillfully use books so that the skills fire synchronously and provide our team with permanent immortality. The most wanted hero to fight the demon, providing the unkillable ability, is Ogryn – Maneater. Not only does he cast invincibility for 2 turns, he also blocks debuffs, which makes him one of the most valuable champions to fight the master.

Weakening the Demon Lord

In addition to the individual abilities that help in dealing damage to this huge demon, you need to consider weakening it. Decrease def, weakness or hex will maximize your damage dealt. In addition, we can use buffs such as increasing attack and defense and increasing the chance of a critical hit, which will also affect the damage dealt. Heroes whose attack is based on defense will also deal more damage after receiving the increase defense buff.

Immortal Demon Lord Team

An immortal team can be built with one champion with unkillable or block damage (Maneater, Helicath, Roshcard, Sir Nicholas and others), then have a champion that will reset skills at rest (Pain Keeper), 2x Frozen Banshie and some decent a weakener like Fayne who will keep the boss weak. If you have 2 champions with block damage or unkillable, both frozen banshees can be replaced.

Ok, that’s pretty much it, let me know if I helped in any way, any feedback is better than none 😉

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