Removing Roblox Account

Before You Delete Your Roblox Account

Before I go into the specifics of how to delete an account in Roblox, you need to know what the consequences of deleting an account are. A seemingly simple and obvious action can cause you a lot of trouble, as well as lead to despair of the account user.

Deleting Roblox Account With Robux

Robux, as it is commonly known, is the currency available in the Roblox game. To get robux you have to buy them with real money. Purchases paid with robux in games available on the Roblox platform are assigned to the account and remain in it until the end. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, such as the game Adopt Me, where you can trade pets with traits available for robux. Each investment in a new avatar, outfit or additional skills that speed up the game is an expense, remember that. If you decide to delete your account, consider how much money has been spent on that account and make the right decision.

Deleting a Roblox Account with High Game Progress

Imagine you are building a house. You buy materials, then you put effort into the construction and then you finish this effort paid for with sweat and often tears with a beautiful decor. How long did it take? How much effort and time did it cost? Well, it’s the same with games in Roblox. Only a child knows how much time and energy he devoted to building something, creating something, establishing a relationship with the players. Deleting an account with huge progress, including spending in robux, can be an irreparable trauma to your kid. It’s as if your dream new car, bought after several years of hard work, has been irretrievably damaged.

Deleting a Roblox Account Due to Child Issues

The main problem that parents face more and more often is that their children spend too much time in front of screens. It often happens that it is Roblox that is the cause of excessive computer occupancy.

Games in Roblox don’t stop there. You can return to them at any time where you left off, you can meet other players and play with them. It is an extremely attractive world, especially for children who can lose themselves in it without feeling hunger or thirst. This situation should be remedied, but deleting an account can lead to great conflict and despair.

Methods to tear your child away from roblox

Before attempting to delete a Roblox account, please review other options for blocking access to the Roblox app for your child. The methods are quite simple but require specific actions.

Blocking roblox on android

Instead of deleting the roblox account, we can limit the time of using this application to the time that is appropriate, i.e. enough for the child to recharge with endorphins and positive emotions. Importantly, you should be careful what your child plays, because some games, especially those with tough competition, i.e. win-lose, can lead to frustration and expression of negative emotions.

To restrict your child from playing roblox on an Android smartphone, phone or tablet, you must install the Family Link app on your child’s device and your own.

Thanks to this application, we can not only limit the time and block our child’s applications. We may also control spending and the use of certain payment methods.

To set up devices in Family Link, you must have two devices, one of your child’s and one of your own with Android.

Blocking Roblox on Windows PC

Here we have two options:

  1. Log on to your child’s computer as an administrator and set application limits or enable a time limit per machine so that the computer turns off at the appropriate time.
  2. An application similar to family link, Microsoft Family Safety, should be used, in which, as a parent, we can decide what and when our child will play.

Aby Usunąć Konto Roblox

  1. We go to the Roblox Help page
  2. We log in to the Roblox account, which should be deleted
  3. In the Issue Detail section, select:
    1. Device
    2. Support Category (Data Privacy Requests), Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF)
  4. Enter the description: I want to delete my account
  5. We select the “Submit” button
usuwanie konta roblox
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